Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Strawberry Crumble

Iam sending this to MyKitchen Treasures for the Strawberry Feast.I saw Sunita's mango crumble and I tried it with strawberry. It was yummy.Thanks to Sunita.

Strawberry - 1cup
Brown Sugar - 1tbsp
Almonds - chopped - 3tbsp
whole wheat bread - 1
Wheat flour - 1tbsp
Oil - 1tbsp

1.Place the strawberry into 2 small bowls covering 3/4th of the bowl.
2.In a bowl mix almonds,flour,oil,sugar and crumble the bread.
3.Mix them and sprinkle the mixture into the bowl of strawberry on top covering the 1/4th part.
4.Pre heat oven to 200Degrees and bake it for about 20mins.


  1. Love crummbles, would love to try once crumbles with strawberry.
    Thankyou for sending in for the event.