Saturday, June 6, 2009

Roasted Potato,Chickpea and Bell Pepper Rice

I am sending this receipe to AFAM-Bell Peppers event hosted by Priya   and Maheshwari 
and Ravishing rice by Nags and Meeta.


Bell pepper - 1/2cup ( Green,Red and Orange) I used all of this.
Chicpeas - 1/2 cup ( cooked)
Potato - 1 (cut into small cubes)
Cooked Rice - 2cups
Onion - 1
chilli powder and coriander powder  - 1/2tbsp each
Turmeric powder - a pinch
Cashews - few
Olive oil

1.In a pan add the olive oil. First put the potatoes and fry well. Add little salt,chilli and corainder powder.Just like you make a fry. Let it cook for 5mins or until it becomes tender. Keep aside.
2.Next in the same pan add little more oil and then add the cooked chickpeas and fry well for 5mins.
3.Then add the bell peppers and fry well.Add salt,turmeric,chilli and corainder powder.
4.Let it cook well until the raw smell of the powders go away.
5.Add the cooked rice and mix well. Adjust salt accoringly.

Instead of mixing the potatoes in the rice I garnished the rice with the roasted potatoes and some cashews.


  1. Hi Aarthi..thanks for this healthy and delicious rice..thats so nice of u for sending this protien packed rice to AFAM!!