Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vegetable Left Over Quesadilla

Thinking what this is?? Yes I had some left over mixed vegetables which i made so used it for making quesadilla.


Tortilla - 2
Mixed vegetables cooked - 2cups(carrot,corn,beans,chickpea)
Cheese - 1cup

For the vegetable mixture i added chilli powder and salt and cooked well.

1.In a pan heat the tortilla and then sprinkle the cooked veggies on top and then after its a little hot shred the cheese and then when the cheese melts close the other side and heat both sides.


  1. Looks nice crispy and yummy :)

  2. Always good to use left overs in a creative way like this!

  3. Aarthi,keep goin..lovely bolg

  4. hi Aarthi...not sure why you left this blog url to be added in my food blog list...

    anyway I have added this url to the list, please link back to