Friday, July 17, 2009

Brown Scone

Dont know what happened but now a days I am liking the scones a lot. When I saw the Whole wheat baking event by Maduram and the British event I was searching for a recipe which I can send to both these events. Then I got this recipe.So this goes to Its a VeganWorld:British and Madhuram's Whole Grain Baking Event.


Whole wheat flour - 2cups
Nuts of your choice - 1cup(I used walnuts,almonds and sunflower seeds)
Baking powder - 1tbsp
Hemp Milk - 1cup ( Vanilla flavour) You can substitute this with normal milk + 1tsp vanilla essence
Brown sugar - 1/2cup(depending on how sweet you want it)

1.In a bowl mix all the dry ingredients.
2.Then add the hemp milk and mix well.
3.Make like a sticky dough and roll into 1/2inch thick round.
4.Cut into 6 pieces and bake it for abt 20mins at 350Degrees.

It was soft and yummy. My husband liked it too. Vanilla flavour was very nice.

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  1. Lovely and very easy to bake scones Arthi. Sorry for not writing immediately. With the vacation and all I think I missed your entry somehow. Thanks for the entry, will post the round up ASAP.